The Sunday 7: Something Beautiful is Coming Soon
03/30 The Sunday 7

The Sunday 7: Something Beautiful is Coming Soon

We have an announcement this week you won’t want to miss.

1. When Syd and I started our business almost 6 years ago, we wrote down a list of dreams and set out to establish who we are and what we do.

We wanted to Make Life Beautiful by creating, inspiring, and teaching how to make our surroundings look and live well.

2. While we had very different plans to celebrate this milestone moment, you’re going to start seeing our new multi-year partnership with Target “Threshold – designed with Studio McGee” – available beginning April 4!

When we started this collaboration the world looked a lot different, but our hope remains the same – that this collection would bring a little bit of joy and a touch of beauty to your homes through elevated pieces at an incredible value. To learn more, check out the link in our story.

The Sunday 7: Something Beautiful is Coming Soon

3. I’m so happy to share this dream with you all!

4. Anyone else finding themselves masking a lot these days?

I’m hooked. I love to keep these under eye patches in my refrigerator and put them on while making the kids breakfast in the morning (they think it’s hilarious).

5. In case you missed it, we shared our kitchen webisode this week!

6. And the photo tour!

Although I had a pretty clear idea of the overall style and functionality I wanted in our kitchen, getting the details nailed down was a different story. The drawings were complete and the cabinets were fabricated, but when I saw our raw oak island I knew I needed to pivot from doing a light wood to a dark stain. As a planner, I have had to cultivate an appreciation for listening to my instincts.

Flexibility through the process allows the design to evolve organically and the result is often much more exciting when we do so. 

The Sunday 7: Something Beautiful is Coming Soon

Photo by: Lucy Call

7. From work meetings to friends and family, I’ve been trying to do as many video calls as possible.

It feels so good to connect with a friendly face and it instantly lifts my spirits. Instead of messaging this week, let’s FaceTime, Zoom Conference or Marco Polo! If you’re not already doing this, I would highly recommend it!


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Studio McGee
  1. Wow! I just love the new collection with Threshold! I have favorited so many items and can’t wait for the debut. It’s great to see your beautiful style at this price point.

  2. This is wonderful – only sad I live in the UK! Congratulations to you all , a ray of loveliness in these strange times x

  3. Beyond excited to learn of your new collection, especially during these challenging times. I can’t wait to bring some of your beautiful products into our home! Reading this brightened my day!

  4. Congratulations, so deserving, wishing you and your family continued success.

    Loving your decor and design style since day one!


    Nye B.

  5. So excited to hear about your target line. Your style is extraordinarily beautiful and I’d say you and Sid found your calling! I love looking at these photos especially in times like these. Thanks for all you do!

  6. Congratulations! I’ve favorited so many items for inclusion on my vision board. With the housing market being so volatile I’m guessing I’m staying put and
    redecorating! You are inspiring me!

  7. I’ve been following you for a few years. My go to for paint colors and design insights—both content and how you share is an inspiration. What you’ve accomplished in 6 years is amazing….so much to be proud of. Congrats!

  8. PERFECT way to start my day by reading about you and Target in the same sentence. Hello, Beautiful World!

  9. I’m a 62 year old commercial interior designer in San Diego, Ca.

    I want to compliment you on your line for Target. In these difficult days, it’s the only thing that has inspired me to buy something on line.

    We are all unsure of what lies ahead of us.
    Spending time in our homes( if we are fortunate enough to have one) makes us focus on what’s important in our lives. Spending money frivolously is not one of them.

    Your line is classic, crisp and beautiful. Many of the pieces are necessary. Most importantly in this difficult time, they are affordable.

    I wish us all the best.
    I wish Mc Gee and Company good luck with this exciting adventure with Target.

    Take care of each other ♥️

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