The Sunday 7: McGee Home Photoshoot

We photographed the main floor of our home this week and will be getting ready to share the tour in March!

10 February 2020 -

1. Photoshoot days are my favorite.

Everything is spic and span, pillows are fluffed, the flowers are fresh, and the home is ready for its closeup. I’m most in my element adjusting and tweaking minute details to capture and share the feeling of a home. It was our home’s turn to shine this week as we finally photographed the main floor! Our team is so awesome and although we had to shoot long days (including a Saturday) they made it fun. Here I am doing a test walk in our entryway for the designer blur shot!

2. What I wore:

Photo by: Lucy Call

3. This eucalyptus body wash makes our shower smell like a trip to the spa.

Syd loves it too.

4. Huggie hoops.

Weird name, but I find myself putting on these tiny earrings a lot lately.

5. I’m seeing a huge trend toward large puffed sleeves, romantic florals, and smocking.

I’m loving it in fashion and can’t wait to see how this affects interiors. I have a hunch we’ll see the look translated into patterned, pleated lampshades in a fresh way.

6. One more iphone peek from our house because I can’t help myself.

The girls came home from school on Friday and we squeezed in a quick family photo with Jess Kettle.

7. Have a happy Valentine’s Day! Love you all!


Date Posted
10 February 2020