The Sunday 7: Finding joy in simple things + A project peek

Valentine’s picks and inspiring spaces.

02 February 2020 -


Every meme out there is true and I’m so glad we made it. It was my first full week without travel this year and I’ve been celebrating by enjoying all the simple joys I missed like cooking, cleaning, wearing athleisure as much as possible, taking the kids to lessons, etc. My favorite leggings now come in biker shorts (which I swore I’d never wear, but now I can’t get enough).

2. We had a really big furniture presentation for a new home build we’ve been working on and it went so well!

We’ve got a dream combination of amazing clients and an amazing house — I can’t wait to show you all! It’s been really great working with Hebdon Studios as the architect on the project.

3. Another killer Target find.

Also, I love these jeans so much. And here’s a link to my shoes if you’re into the dirty designer sneaker trend 😉

4. Syd and I both have a long history of completely forgetting Valentine’s Day.

It’s just not our thing. But just in case you’re more on top of things than we are, here is our guide to gifts for dudes:

5. I like to have a little glow (a.k.a. fake tan) even in the dead of winter.

I follow this routine a few nights a week:

  • Shower, shave, exfoliate

  • Moisturize and wait to dry.

  • Apply self-tanner WITH A MITT (this is very important)

  • Add a few of these drops to your nightly skin routine

  • Wear dark PJs to sleep in

  • Use this bronzer

  • Go easy on the translucent powder (or skip it), so you glow instead of looking chalky!

6. Hope you had a chance to see our Rye Project tour continued!

7. The image I keep coming back to from Jill Egan Interiors.

Happy February!


Date Posted
02 February 2020