The Sunday 7: Curing the Winter Blues

We had an adventurous weekend in the ER and now we’re all ready for a vacation.

17 February 2020 -

1. Ivy broke her arm this weekend doing her “tumbling moves” while the girls were choreographing their own dance.

It was a longgg night in the ER. Poor thing, she has been an absolute champ through it all.

2. Already packing the plastic bags for the cast because we’re headed to Hawaii next week!

After living in Utah for a few years, we learned that late February vacations are the way to get through the gray winter months.

3. I fully anticipated this one-size-fits-all swimsuit to not fit me at all.

The stretchy fabric is amazing and can be manipulated for more or less coverage. I’m a believer.

4. It’s 20% off sitewide at McGee & Co. Including new arrivals!

5. Recently gifted my favorite hair tool to one of my favorite people in my life.

Yes, it is a blow dryer and round brush in one, but what I love most about it is that it refreshes my hair like new in the morning.

6. Sharing more of this house later this week.

I love doing designing spec homes (meaning the builder hires us to design a home and they put it on the market when it is completed) because they challenge my ability to stretch a budget, but also allow a lot more flexibility without client involvement.

Photo by: Lucy Call

7. Hope you showed yourself love this Valentine’s Day!


Date Posted
17 February 2020