The Sunday 7
10/05 The Sunday 7

The Sunday 7

A busy but happy week.

1. It was an exceptionally busy week as we prepare for the launch of our book and show…both happening this month!!! We tried to conceal our jitters through media interviews and recorded a podcast which I’m really excited about. I’ll share more when it goes live!

PS. We had to record the podcast in separate rooms and there was loud construction going on outside, so the only spot Syd could hide without background noise was in Wren’s room, ha!


2. I hinted at our fall porch last week and we shared quite a few more pictures HERE.


This is our front porch from last year. I’m planning to add these same bats again around our doorway as well as a few other Halloween-y touches (think tombstones and spider webs). We’ll see how it goes! Halloween decor is not my forte, but the girls are so excited!

Studio McGee Fall Halloween Porch

3. I wore my Home Team sweatshirt this past week and realized I forgot to mention it here! I also love our See The Good sweatshirt.

4. Do you go through seasonal phases with your desire to cook? I sure do. In the summer, we grill a lot and throw together a quick salad and call it a night. I want to be outside and can’t be bothered with laborious recipes. Fall and winter is a completely different story. As soon as the leaves change, so does my desire to cook and bake! This is my favorite gold non-stick set, but now I want to add these beauties into my collection and fill them with pumpkin bread!

5. After quite a bit of searching (pointed, but not too pointed, flat with a slight heel, contrast sole) I have found the perfect black Chelsea boots.

6. The cutest lounge set is finally back in stock:

7. The view from our Sunday drive took my breath away tonight:

Studio McGee's Sunday 7
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Studio McGee
  1. Sweatshirts are so cute! Are they unisex sizing? Curious if you’d say what size you are wearing in the pic on your site for guidance. Thanks so much!!

    1. They’re unisex, but I say the run slim on guys. I am wearing the small in both the t-shirts and sweatshirts for reference! -S

    1. Really?! Oh no! I just used the sticky things that came with the bats and had a couple fall off last year, but for the most part they stuck! -S

    1. Leah, I can ship it to you but it might mean double shipping, email me through my site (I know what it’s like to want things from European vendors who don’t yet ship overseas).

  2. I’ve become obsessed with everything Studio McGee! Love how everything is simple yet beautiful at the same time. You’ve also brought out my passion for design and decor. Thank you for that!

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