The Sunday 7: Trying New Things

From book announcements to ski lessons and makeup removers, this week is all about trying new things.

27 January 2020 -

1. Four years ago, I had a pen in my hand to sign a book deal and felt sick to my stomach.

I knew deep down I wasn’t ready, so I made the hard decision to walk away. Timing is everything and I knew our time would come.

Earlier this week, we announced that we’re writing a book! Make Life Beautiful will launch in Fall 2020. Although it’s not a design book per se (that is coming later), we have discovered that principles of good design can be applied to creating a beautiful and authentic life. We are so excited to share an inside look at our journey and lessons learned as partners, entrepreneurs, and parents.

Writing this book has been challenging as it usually happens at midnight, but it has also been so rewarding to look back over the last few years and see how every step, positive or negative, has shaped us. Can’t wait to share more as the launch draws near!

2. I’ve been skiing and snowboarding a handful of times and have always dreaded it because I have no idea what I’m doing.

This year I signed myself up for lessons while the kids are in ski school. It’s so easy as I get older to avoid discomfort and give in to my fear of failure. That said, I want my daughters to see their mom trying new things and working hard to reach new goals. It was such a great day! We had so much fun doing our last run of the day together as a family.

3. A different type of “new thing” to try: The Makeup Eraser!

Although I definitely still use cleanser afterward, it helps get my face so clean! I keep it hidden in my bathroom drawer and love that it’s helping preserve all my nice white towels.

4. These woodblock booties are definitely worth mentioning.

The style feels special and they’re super comfortable. Love them with skirts and boyfriend jeans alike.

5. A look at what’s to come with our #RyeNewYorkProject later this week:

Photo by: Lucy Call

6. I get a lot of questions about my hair in DMs.

I’m planning to create a little video tutorial with my sis-in-law who is the real expert! She does my hair for most on-camera days (the only days I get asked about my hair, haha). We use a 1.5″ barrel wand 99% of the time.

7. Can’t wait to see you in February!


Date Posted
27 January 2020