The Sunday 7: Jetsetting

Feeling exhausted and excited!

13 January 2020 -

1. Minneapolis, Orange County, Atlanta, NY.

2 stops down, 2 more to go in this hectic start to the new year! We did a photoshoot for an upcoming announcement at one of our past projects and it was so fun to see the home again.

2. Through the years we’ve discovered that the key to running a business and parenting together is to not have an ego when it comes to trading off responsibilities.

The kids were in good hands while I was out. Syd took the girls to ski school and they had a blast! I cannot believe how quickly they picked it up.

3. Can’t stop staring at this kitchen:

4. Went into Target for toothpaste and left with this sweatshirt and jeans (they stretch, so I sized down).

Regardless of price, which is amazing, I love them both A LOT.

5. Been wearing this headband a lot.

Like 3 out of 7 days a lot.

6. Tyler installed the railing on our playhouse while I was gone and it’s perfect.

PS. I don’t think I’m ever taking that wreath down.

7. Choosing to overcaffeinate myself and focus on the good this week.

Cheers! Xo-S

Date Posted
13 January 2020