Friday Inspiration: Really Pretty Spaces

Just inspired by really pretty spaces!

06 September 2019 -

This week we’re just compiling a Friday inspiration post that consists of really pretty spaces. That’s what they all have in common! We also put together a pretty compilation of customer inspiration. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing other people create beautiful spaces with our product. Speaking of product, we collaborate with a really cool artist in Memphis, TN to create an exclusive watercolor collection. You can shop that and watch our BTS video in our Chelsea Fly art collection post.

Then take a look at the 7 Things We’ve Learned Designing Living Rooms. Learn from someone who’s done it a million times! If you’re left wanting more you can always check out Shea’s latest Sunday 7.

Design by  Emily Henderson

Design by Emily Henderson

Design by  Scout & Nimble

Design by Scout & Nimble

Design by  Colin King

Design by Colin King

Date Posted
06 September 2019