Pros and Cons of Painting Your Brick House

Our thoughts on painted brick!

25 September 2019 -

You may have noticed painted brick homes are having a bit of a moment. You’ll even see it on the McGee’s Home! Brick is extremely versatile and enables houses to look both traditional and modern depending on its treatment. But how can you know if its right for your home?

Painting the brick on your house is a nice way to hit refresh without making major (structural) renovations. You’ll need to ask yourself if your house needs such an update, if you’re willing to put in some maintenance/finances, and what kind of style you’re going for.


Painting your brick house is a relatively easy way to give your house a new look, especially if the exterior is looking outdated.
Painting your house can add uniformity and a clean look natural brick can’t always do. If you do decide to paint the brick on your house, be sure to use a breathable paint such as silicate or mineral-based (more on that in the next section).

The McGee Home! Design by Killowen Construction .

The McGee Home! Design by Killowen Construction.


If you’re ready to make the jump here’s some painted brick homes that nailed it. This gorgeous Atlanta home employs a muted white color making it look both clean and classic.

Interiors by Betsy Brown Inc. Built by Nate Young of Mike Hammersmith Construction

Interiors by Betsy Brown Inc. Built by Nate Young of Mike Hammersmith Construction

The light color makes these plants stand out.

Design by Hoog .

Design by Hoog.
White is definitely not the only acceptable color, it’s all about context and application like this home with a deep blue painted brick.

Photo from @xomrsmeasom

Photo from @xomrsmeasom

Our Denver Tudor exterior painted in China White by Benjamin Moore still has us drooling.

Design by Studio McGee.

Design by Studio McGee.

Noticing a trend? Greenery against white brick is a perfect match!

Design by Remodel Q .

Design by Remodel Q.


The hardest part about painting your brick house is the amount of maintenance required to keep it looking good. As brick gets older, it can age, and that aging doesn’t always happen uniformly. Some bricks can start to fade quicker than others and your house will start to look spottier than a Dalmatian. Once you paint your house, there’s no going back (at least without a major headache). In fact, painted brick requires regular maintenance–touch ups for chipped areas, cleaning on lighter colored brick, and fresh coats every so often.

Moreover, painting your brick traps moisture and doesn’t let the brick breathe. This could potentially cause damage to the brick and the house structure especially in cold climates where the moisture can freeze, expand and erode the mortar.


If you’re looking for an alternative to painting your bricks, you may want to consider Limewash. Limewash is a method that has been used for centuries to protect bricks from weather and erosion. Through applying a solution over the bricks, the color is of the bricks is changed chemically and creates a lived-in look and feel. Much like paint, Limewash will need to be touched up over time. However, the process may be considered more affordable and environmentally friendly. For expert information on Limewash, read all about it here.


Some of our favorite inspirational brick exteriors that opt to go the “au naturale” route:

The exterior on this Tudor gives off makes it feel part of a time capsule.

Black trim pairs perfectly with the modern brick exterior.

Design by Makow Architects.

Design by Makow Architects.

Design by Diane Keaton

Design by Diane Keaton

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25 September 2019