Design Hacks for a Kid’s Space

Tips and tricks for your littles!

19 September 2019 -

We don’t get an opportunity to design kids’ rooms, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love them!

We’ve talked about it in the past here and here, but we’ve got some updated tips for you today!

Don’t be scared of pattern!!! Be playful with pattern — think wallpaper, pillows, and artwork. If you can’t commit to adding wallpaper throughout the room, try the ceiling or a closet as a big statement. Use textiles to add in color and pattern.

Think Big! We still recommend buying furniture that they could grow into, but that doesn’t mean they need an adult space quite yet. Kids are all about comfort and imagination so a whimsical mirror, cute bean bag chair or a hanging chair, etc. adds in a lot of fantasy into the room.

Use toys as decorative objects. We use them in built-ins, as bookends, etc. the same way you would a decorative object in your home, but they are doing double duty as a decor!

You can’t have enough baskets — You can do multiples of the same basket in built-ins, just keep them on the same level. Here we did another level with a different material to break it up. Buy your baskets in different heights, so they make a cute, but functional vignette together.

Date Posted
19 September 2019