Elements of a Casual, Cool Sitting Room

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06 August 2019 -

The easiest way to create an inviting sitting room is by creating a space that feels inviting, alive, and comfortable.

Something really cool, but still casual. Today we’re putting together a dreamy sitting room that’s bursting with light and our favorite product.

Casual & Cool Sitting Room

Customizable Upholstery

Our line of customizable upholstery makes it possible for every space, every style, and every need to be met. In this space we used the Walker Sofa, because we love the creative wood detail at the base.

The Vernon Sofa

A Soft Landing Spot

Even in the summer months it’s great to have a soft, warm landing spot for your feet. Especially in a space where you gather! The muted tones in this rug are brought to life by the natural light in the space.

Airy Pieces

We say we love airy elements, and this coffee table is a perfect example. It’s light, coastal build is so interesting and beautiful to look at.

Graceful Curves

We love to include something with beautiful curves that guides the eye and creates flow in the space.

Creatures of Comfort

Pillows of course! Not only do they bring comfort, but pattern and color.

Especially When it’s Designed by Susan Connor

We collaborated with legendary textile designer Susan Connor to create an exclusive line of pillows with her signature touch. We’ve been working with her for years, and her designs are a staple in our projects.

Speaking of Comfort

This comfortable swivel chair is comfortable and elegant in sitting rooms, dining rooms, or nurseries!

Date Posted
06 August 2019