Pillow Talk: Your Questions Answered!
08/16 Design Tips

Pillow Talk: Your Questions Answered!

You asked, we’re answering!

This friday we’re answering all your questions about pillows!! This might have to do with our 25% off pillow sale! It’s short and sweet, you have until Monday to shop with code ‘PILLOWTALK’.

Q: How to mix in new pillows with pillows you already own?

  1. Take inventory of your pillows. Marie Kondo the ones that aren’t bringing you joy. See what you have left. Look at what sizes you have and the color palette you are going for. 

  2. Now, it’s the fun part — shop for what you need or want to update!!

Q: How do I pick the right inserts?

Great question. Our rule of thumb is to buy one size up, so your pillows son’t look saggy or soggy. Our solution was to sell ur own! We make them larger, so if you’re buying a 24 x 24 pillow from McGee & Co., we’ve done the work for you! Just buy a 24 x 24 insert.

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 8.59.26 AM.png

Q: If styling a sofa/built-in do corners need to mirror each other?

Nope! But it’s helpful to keep a tight color palette (3 colors is pretty tight) and make sure that color palette is distributed evenly.

Q: How do I style pillows on a sectional?

Something is coming in the next few weeks that will definitely help…

A tip in the meantime: Make sure you keep you palette throughout. Don’t have one side of the couch blue and the other side cream. Make sure each combination speaks to each other. We’ll do more on specific sizes,  etc. to come!


Q: How do I mix and match pillows?

Pick a color palette. This will be a good foundation to work off of. Be mindful of the couch, bed, or bench color you are working off of. For a monochromatic look, you can pick a palette tight to that. For something more traditional, we like to work with a palette with colors that complement and contrast. For example, with a dark gray sofa, we’ll bring in lighter colors on the back pillows, so the pillow doesn’t get lost. Then, tie in the deep tones in with patterns.

Scale of the pattern. Try not to pair competing print sizes. If you pair two small scale patterns together, they’ll merge together. Pairing a small scale with a large scale print helps your eye differentiate and helps let eat pattern have a moment to shine. For a fail proof combo, try mixing organic patterns with more geometric ones. Another thing to look out for is competing main colors. For example, if a pillow is mostly navy with a white pattern, we will try to avoid doing another mostly navy pillow with a white pattern. Of course, we break rules — but that tip will apply to most things. 

Add in texture. We like adding in little details like tassels, wovens, leather, etc. with printed patterns. It helps make the space feel a little more elevated and curated. 

Oh, and something is coming out Monday that might help even more.

Q: What size pillows go where?

We’re so glad you answered! There’s a guide for that here, but we’ll break it down below.



  • Single lumbar

  • Single 20-22 inch


might we suggest: a vintage lumbar



  • 22-24 inch pillow at the back, layer a smaller pillow 20-22 inches in the front

  • 24-22 inch pillow at the back (in the corner), layer in a lumbar


  • A single lumbar

  • 22 inch in the back, 1 lumbar in front


might we suggest: something fun!


  • 24”-26” pillows + Extra long lumbar

  • Large lumbar or headboard pillow

  • 2 x 24”-26” and a 20”-22” pillow and a lumbar

studiomcgee_catalogue2018_286+(1) (1).jpg

Q: Will pillows slide off a leather sofa?

We haven’t had pillows slide off of leather sofas! Usually, we are sourcing deep seats that are really comfortable. If you have a pillow sliding problem, we recommend throw blankets and lumbars. If you have a non-slippery leather sofa, just go for it with the same tips!

Q: How to not overdo it on color/coordinate pillows with a patterned rug?

Wow!! This is a great question and one that we might not have considered as a tip since we are usually building our living room looks off a more neutral and tonal look!!! I’m sure a lot of this we do subconsciously, but I break it down I notice we naturally gravitate toward one or two pillows with the dominant color of the rug at the back of the couch, and layer in other pillows that tie in that color.

Of course, if the couch already does this, then we’ll start bringing in different colors immediately. Also, if your rug is both pattern and color heavy, try mixing in solids (you can even do a leather) and a contrasting pattern (floral and striped, plaid and an organic pattern, etc.).


Q: Are we releasing new colors?

Yep ;)

Q: Is 20x20 ok for a sofa?

A: we tend to stick to 22-24 inches sofas and couches and layer in your 20-inch in the front!

Q: What colors for a sophisticated fall look?

A: We’re loving warm colors like rusts, golden tones, even a little more brown hues! Mix in inky colors for more depth that will thank you through winter. If you’re a fan of soft colors, we love palettes with rose undertones.

*Apply code ‘PILLOWTALK’ at checkout for 25% off select pillows and inserts. Some exclusions apply. Valid starting August 15, 2019, 12:01am MST through August 19, 2019, 11:59pm MST. Cannot be applied to previous purchases. Return requests must be made in accordance with our return policy. Terms are subject to change. Excludes Susan Connor for McGee & Co. Discount is not combinable with designer trade or other discounts.

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