SM Ranch House: Entry, Dining

Step into this beautiful ranch home.

18 July 2019 -

Did you catch yesterday’s webisode?

Today we’re showing you the first part of it. Meet the entry and dining room of our SM Ranch House.

It’s always so cool to see a project take over two years, and by the end of it we’re still in love with it. And that’s what happened here! At the start, our clients wanted classic tradition, cozy, cabin. With lots of texture, warm whites, and iron details.

We lined the hallway with a rustic, industrial light that makes a statement but isn’t over the top.

SM Ranch House: Entry, Dining

Under the lights is a one-of-a-kind vintage runner. It’s soft, warm, and muted to compliment the wooden floors and natural light.

And the entry way opens up to the dining room. We worked with the architect to create an open dining space that felt like its own space. The arrangement of the beams do just that.

We did two metal light fixtures to compliment the tone-on-tone action with the beautiful wooden table and chairs.

SM Ranch House: Entry, Dining

We layered in a rug that was neutral, but brings out every single neutral color you see in the space.

SM Ranch House: Entry, Dining

The dark stain on the built-in contrasts against the warm tones beautifully. The open wall space provides a styling opportunity, while the rest is storage space for dinnerware and utensils.

A picture light really frames the artwork and makes it feel special. We chose to go dark, even though the built-in is dark, for a moody effect. It offsets the lighter artwork.

SM Ranch House: Entry, Dining

Stay tuned for more webisodes and photo tours!

Date Posted
18 July 2019