SM Ranch House Webisode Part One
07/17 Project Tours

SM Ranch House Webisode Part One

The first webisode for our SM Ranch House!

Our SM Ranch Project is here!

This space is rustic and beautiful, and we’re starting the tour off with the gorgeous entryway, dining area, kitchen and living room. Enjoy the webisode below!

SM Ranch House Webisode Part One
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Studio McGee
  1. Was not expecting another webisode this week! Oh happy day! Another amazing project by the SM team. You guys outdid yourselves again. So excited to see the rest.

  2. My very favorite project you’ve ever done!
    Can you please share stain/paint color on the giant amazing built in???

  3. Amazing space! I didn’t see the table lamp(in great room in video) in the online shop. Cream base with gray design?? Could you let me know the source!? Thank you!

  4. in SM Ranch remodel – would love to know the source of the 2 large pendant lights over dining room table. x

  5. Absolutely love this home tour so far. Could you please share with me where the antique wood sofa table is from? It’s exactly what I have been looking for myself.
    Thanks so much
    Talk soon

  6. This is your best project yet! I love the moody colors, so unexpected but it works seamlessly! Could you share where the kitchen hardware and island faucet are from, I NEED them in my kitchen redo after seeing this! Thank you for sharing such amazing work!

  7. Please please please answer all of the questions on Instagram and in the comments here about the wood species and finish

  8. Well done as always!! I’m building a kitchen right now with butcher block island. I’ve GOT to know the species and finish of that gorgeous kitchen island countertop!!

  9. Is that a brick backsplash in the kitchen? I’m looking for something just like this for my kitchen. I really like the glaze and their subtle shimmer. Could you share the source? If not, could you share one that you would recommend for a similar look. Your work is special because it feels timeless but fresh. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Most definitely one of my favorites! Job well done, yet again.
    I have a design question. It looks like the couch is not centered in the great room directly under the chandelier or directly in front of the fireplace.
    Why is that? Is it because you required more walking space between the dining room and great room corner? Is this common to not center the couch? It works from what I can see in this tour but I’d love to know why.

  11. I’m really interested in the outdoor wall sconces. What beautiful statement pieces. Big, glass and minimal framing, gorgeous!

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