The Sunday 7: Bucket Lists, The Color Brown, and Burrata Salad

This week in review and my picks from the Nordstrom Sale!

15 July 2019 -

1. Do you make a summer bucket list? We’ve been making them the last few years and I love looking back at the highlights of each summer. We get the kids involved and even include a few date nights in there for Syd and me:

The McGee

2. You’re not a real influencer unless you share your Nordstrom sale picks, right?

3. I spent a few days at market this past week and was struggling to see a lot of strong trends emerge, but I’d say the one that I did find inspiring was the use of brown. Yes, you heard me! Richer, darker, warmer brown tones are on their way and I’m completely on board. The project we shared this past week incorporates brown in a fresh way and I think we’ll continue to see even more of it.

Photo by: Lucy Call

Photo by: Lucy Call

4. You can see tours for this whole project here (with lots of good before/afters): kitchen, entry, living spaces, bedrooms and mudroom, webisode pt. 1, webisode pt. 2.

5. The new arrivals at McGee & Co. are so good!

6. Can’t stop eating burrata and heirloom tomato salad. I had a version of this in France and I’ve been recreating it as much as possible. I shake it up and add peppers or prosciutto some days, but the base remains the same.

  • Spring mix or arugula

  • A 2-3 oz. round of burrata cheese

  • Heirloom tomatoes

  • Fresh ground pepper and coarse kosher salt

  • Lucini Lemon Infused Olive Oil (my fave!), but any high quality olive oil will do!

7. I did an insta live from our new house earlier! I saved it if you want to go check it out! Have a great week! Xo-S

Date Posted
15 July 2019