The Sunday 7

Back from vacation and hitting the ground running!

17 June 2019 -

1. First week back after vacation and I’m living on a prayer and lots of caffeine. Oh, and lot’s of this under eye concealer. Did you see that we finally did a post about my makeup routine?!

2. It’s been a lovely and low-key Father’s Day.

Grateful I had a Dad that taught us we could conquer anything we set our minds to and be kind while doing it.

It makes my heart swell to feel Syd’s love for his girls. They are his little buddies and I love seeing him go from helping put bows in their hair to running, jumping, climbing, swimming, surfing, skating, and biking together.

Rosemary Beach

2. Last year we decided to try something new and took a family vacation to Rosemary Beach in Florida. It was so dreamy that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to quit going back! We stayed in the cutest house right on the beach and spent the week alternating between the beach, pool, and bike rides. Needless to say, it was a good time. You can read my Guide to 30A HERE.

Studio McGee 30A
IMG_7563 2.JPG

3. Summer travel favorites. I love to bring a tight color palette so everything works together and I can travel light:

4. I’m all about this face sunscreen. It doesn’t break me out, I never burn with it on, and it is a great moisturizer.

5. You’ve heard me preach about my love for timeless foundations and how I like to play with color and trend through accents. 5 years ago when we first started Studio McGee, we designed the Lynwood Remodel. Have you been following along long enough to remember that one?! I love that sweet house as it was one of our earliest projects that really defined our style and still love it today. When I found out our clients were moving, they offered to let us use their empty home for a photoshoot and we jumped at the opportunity to visit one last time. It really speaks to why classics are classics for a reason! You can SHOP the entire look HERE!

Studio McGee

6. It is my birthday in a few weeks and Syd outdid himself this year and surprised me with a trip to the South of France!!! Like a good husband, he let me know early so I have time to order a bunch of stuff, ha. Please send any and all of your recommendations my way! We’ll be staying in the Marseille area and have a car, so we hope to hop around a bit.

7. I’m off to Texas for another install! Stay tuned. Xo-S

Date Posted
17 June 2019