Shea’s Makeup Routine

One of our most requested routines of all time!

13 June 2019 -

If you’ve read my skincare routine, you know I’m extremely acne-prone so I have to be very careful of the products I use on my skin. After going through my 100 step morning routine (kidding, kind of!), I’m ready for my makeup.

  • This foundation (in Cool Beige 10) gives me great coverage and doesn’t break me out.

  • I love to apply with a foundation brush.

  • I don’t use powder! We live in a dry climate and I prefer a little glow over the matte look.

  • I do not have time (or the knowledge) to do serious contouring, but I use this brush to spread a little bronzer all over my face with a heavier emphasis on the my forehead, under my cheeks and jawline.

  • I use this blush (in Pink Me Up), with this brush.

  • Sure this (in G10) hides dark circles, but it also just makes my face look more refreshed.

  • When I need the extra glow I use this.

  • The best thing I ever did for my makeup routine was to stop having my nail lady wax my eyebrows and go to an actual professional! I use this to enhance them (in Brown).

  • I try to draw the thinnest line possible with this against my upper lash line so that it makes my lashes look fuller without looking like I have eyeliner on.

  • Whether you use Latisse, Babelash, or another growth serum, it makes such a difference!

  • I use this for curling my lashes and finish off with this mascara. For big nights I’ll use this one!

  • I love this liner (in Pillowtalk!)

  • Chapstick of course! I love this one for after my lipstick wears off at the end of the day.

  • Everyday Pinks:  Tutu, Lovelorn, Fan Fare, Brave

  • Reds: Sweet Sakura, Russian Red

Date Posted
13 June 2019