Behind-the-Scenes of our Summer Catalogue

We’re taking you behind-the-scenes of our catalogue!!

10 May 2019 -


Here are a few behind-the-scene photos of our latest catalogue!! One of my favorite parts about this catalogue is the locations. The home itself is a beautiful transformation and in the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing the befores and afters of the space. The greenhouse shoot is in a different location off of a friend’s house. Obviously, having one of these sunrooms is now a goal!!



Coming very soon are tips and tricks for caring for your plants. It’s one of our most popular questions!!


Nothing says summer as much as a good trip to the farmer’s market. It’s one of those places that without even trying, it’s just beautiful. Our goal is to elevate those simple moments with a round-up of beautiful, quality products. Honestly, if you spend all day in the kitchen or if you even grab the cute treats from Trader Joe’s (guilty), everything looks tastier with nice serveware.




Before Studio McGee launched, the dream was to have a store — one with a catalogue with a magazine-like look and feel. Rather than send out a flyer every two weeks with little substance, we’ve invested in this project with time, money, and weeks and weeks of preparation and perspiration.




Just bring all the pillows.



Breaking out of project photos and into vignette styling is something we are having more and more fun with. This bike isn’t just a prop, but something I use every weekend with my family. I only wish it always had fresh flowers in the basket!




So, we’ll get into this home’s kitchen design a little later, but place is just so incredibly dreamy. Look at that range!!! Stay tuned for more of this home and spaces and photos you haven’t seen in the catalogue!

Date Posted
10 May 2019