Save & Splurge: Our Top Four Decor Pieces!

A few pieces worth the extra investment and a few pieces to save on.

07 May 2019 -

If you couldn’t already tell, we tend to mix high and low. We have pieces that we fall in love with because of their story and craftsmanship. However, we do try to source pieces that are more affordable and practical for the everyday. Regardless of price-point, we aim to include a range of stories and objects. Today we are pulling our favorite pieces right now — both high and low.

Top 4 Decor Investments

1. A Piece to Invest In: Marble Object Knot

This marble object tricks the mind like a work from MC Escher piece! Crafted from marble, it’s substantial and continuous even though it almost looks like two separate links. It’s an heirloom piece that we plan on loving forever — yes, it’s that timeless and instantly elevate anything it’s on or in.


Marble Object Knot

2. A Piece to Invest In: Solaina Planter

There are some pieces you know you’ll just keep forever and even want to pass on to family. The Solaina Planter is one of them. Handmade from terracotta, you can see the craftsmanship and artists hand in the work. It’s timeless with its traditional shape and classic white finish.



Solaina Planter

3. A Piece to Invest In: Stamped Concrete Vase

There is a reason that this in on a dresser in the office right now. It’s a substantial statement with rich, earthy textures. One of the biggest “mistakes” I constantly see is the presence of too many small scale items instead of large pieces that give your eye a rest. I love the shape and the little details throughout the piece.

Stamped Concrete Vase

4. A Piece to Invest: Leather Handled Tray

Made of high-quality porcelain, and top stitched leather, this tray’s value is found in its high-end material mix and careful attention to detail. Also, it’s Handcrafted in the US by artisans!



Leather Handled Tray

Top 4 Decor “Saves”

  1. A Place to Save: Distressed Clay Pots

    No two are the same because the longer you have them, the more character they develop. They are cute textural additions to put by the kitchen sink or throughout the home.

Distressed Clay Pots

Distressed Clay Pots (Tall)

2. A Piece to Save On: Speckled Vase

It’s two-toned dipped glaze with a rough speckled clay makes this piece feel much more expensive than it actually is. I love the little lines from the trimming process showing through!

Speckled Vase

3. A Piece to Save On: Asco Pot

You know you’ve found something good when it’s this versatile. From the bathroom sink, to the living room built-ins our Asco Pot pairs well in any space with its long handles and sculptural silhouette.




Asco Pot

4. A Piece to Save on: Stone Planter

For such an inexpensive price, it sure packs a lot character. A modern shape combined with rustic texture makes it a mature layering piece to elevate your home styling.

Stone Planter

Date Posted
07 May 2019