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When one door closes, open a window and climb through it. This week I’m sharing a bit more into why we pioneered the design webisode and have never looked back. Don’t miss out on the fashion and home inspiration either! Xo-S

06 May 2019 -

1. It was a big week around here! We shared my favorite webisode yet – my parents’ guest bedroom makeover. You can shop the look and see the whole tour HERE.


2. Sometimes I forget to take a step back and truly appreciate the leap of faith that is our YouTube channel. You may not know this but after going through many hoops for a TV show that didn’t end up working out, we knew in our hearts there was a gap that wasn’t being filled — a need for design content that focused on design with a fresh style and perspective. At first we felt defeated and thoughts of not being good enough crept in, but we quickly channeled that into being fired up to do it anyways. So we literally figured out how to produce short-form webisodes, as we call them, and have pioneered that in the design world. Over the last few years as we have shared 100+ videos (and counting)! What started as a low point has become one of my favorite parts of what we do. This story is one that has been repeated over and over again in our entrepreneurial journey and each time we have found success in a down moment, it has gotten a little easier to look for the good.

When one door closes, open a window and climb through it.

3. We launched our new outdoor collection this week! It’s been a long time coming! I’m a firm believer in classics with a twist and every single piece reflects that. If you couldn’t tell, we shot the webisode and outdoor on the same day, ha! Here is a link to my skirt and favorite v-tee.


4. After surviving our crazy busy warehouse sale, I got to hang out in a dressing room and scroll through Pinterest while our girls took their dance photos. Lots of questions on insta about this t-shirt and my shoes. I’m obsessed with these sneakers. After doing lots of testing because my feet kept falling asleep while running, these are winners and they look cute too which is a major bonus!


5. Here is what I pinned:

via Martha Stewart

via Martha Stewart


6. I’m a scent person. Candles, cookies, perfumes, lotions, potions…you name it and I can decipher it from a mile away. I get tired of wearing the same one every day, so I’ve built quite the collection over time. Here is what’s in heavy rotation:

7. Have a great week!!! Xo-S

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06 May 2019