You’ve Got to See Our Store’s New Look!!

A quick refresh for our shop!

24 May 2019 -

We gave our store a bit of a refresh! Take a look through the photo tour to see how it looks, and come shop the sale in-person if you’re in the area!

Photography by Michael Radford

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If you’re in the Costa Mesa area, then heading to the shop needs to be on your list this week. Not only is it our Memorial Day Sale, but we just dropped off a batch of catalogues for you to pick up and flip through!! Of course, if you’re out of state take peek at the digital version which is packed with video .

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First off, I’m always surprised at how much we can do in 500 square feet. Our kitchenette is the most consistent corner of the shop and always showcasing new products to style our favorite room in any house. Even though it’s a shop and not a functioning kitchen, we still stuck with a helpful tip to place your functional everyday items within an arm’s reach. The vintage demijohn bottles paired with artwork is a beautiful vignette for any room. We also have a few more items in the shop that we handpicked at markets and fleas.

Q2 Costa Mesa-13.jpg

Terracotta is timeless, but it’s also having a moment with its rich, clay color. We love incorporating the texture and warm tone into spaces — especially in the summer. One of my favorite things are the little mini terracotta plants. You can start seeds in them or tiny plants. They are the just cutest little things!!

Q2 Costa Mesa-18.jpg

Q2 Costa Mesa-55.jpg

Hanging Clay Pot

Q2 Costa Mesa-40.jpg

Elephant Grass Hamper

Q2 Costa Mesa-54.jpg


Do you recognize this table? Yes, it’s the same one from our catalogue!! We love the look, feel, and the story. Made from reclaimed 19th century wood, it’s a new table with modern craftsmanship that already feels timeworn with character.

Q2 Costa Mesa-49.jpg

We love these Cement Taper Pots individually and styled together. The scale is large without being overwhelming and with just a few branches it makes a beautiful statement.

Q2 Costa Mesa-44.jpg

Q2 Costa Mesa-52.jpg

The shop makes summer entertaining a breeze!! I’m loving the combination of textures in a timeless color palette.

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Seeing a hint of this unreleased art piece is your reward for scrolling this far down in the post!!


The Odelia Bench comes with this long pillow in a performance fabric that’s soft to the touch and can withstand everyday life. We love the wrap of the rattan in a simple, yet sophisticated profile.

Q2 Costa Mesa-31.jpg

Q2 Costa Mesa-37.jpg


This Maddox Cabinet is one of our favorites!! It’s a best seller for a reason — timeless look, high-end materials, and it’s just pretty. We love that middle drawer that’s a really unique concealed storage component in an open cabinet.

A few other favorites:

Q2 Costa Mesa-66.jpg

Q2 Costa Mesa-65.jpg

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Did I mention the store is only 500 square feet? We’ve shown a lot, but there’s still more! We did a dresser vignette mixing materials like shagreen, raw wood, brass, and ceramic all in one. That lounge chair is understated, but dressed up with details that take it to the next level. The brass is in a timeless tone and paired with teak and a curved armrest, it’s a killer combination!

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24 May 2019