The Sunday 7: High Point Trends, Project Peeks, and My Top Picks from the Nordstrom Sale

Trendspotting at High Point and what spoke to me may surprise you! Also sharing my faves from our McGee & Co. new arrivals and the Nordstrom Sale!

15 April 2019 -

1. This week left no time between High Point and diving head first into the long list of items waiting for me at home. Thank goodness for elderberry (gummies or capsules). Guys, as a frequent traveler, I believe in this stuff with all of my heart. In other news, after scouting trends at market, I sense a new color coming onto the scene…yellow. You heard me. More specifically, turmeric and ochre tones which look especially lovely paired with nude and terra cotta:


2. My week was filled with a big photoshoot for a remodel we’ve been working on for the past year! Art directing our photos is one of my very favorite parts of the job.

Studio McGee

3. I love how this home came together and the warmth felt throughout. We started the project right after demo had been done, but the homeowner was kind enough to send me all the before pics and it’s going to blow your minds, so stay tuned for the tour!!! Until then, here is an iPhone peek:

Studio McGee

4. We also launched over 500 new arrivals on McGee & Co. this week! So many good ones I feel guilty picking a few favorites:

5. 2 Things:

  • I’m incorporating one of those hanging racks into our laundry room

  • I recently bought a helluva lot of antique white urns like in this pic and can’t wait to put them in every single house we design, ha!

Image via Devol Kitchens

Image via Devol Kitchens

6. I just realized that these mules are on sale right now!

And a whole lot of other good things…

7. Favorite quote of the week. XO-S

Date Posted
15 April 2019