Spring-Inspired Customer Photos

Sunshine brought to you by our customers!!

26 March 2019 -

We know everyone is talking about it already, but spring is starting to show up (in our Headquarters at least) and we couldn’t be more ready for greenery, sunshine, and more daylight! The best part about checking instagram isn’t seeing tiny cakes being made, but that’s a close second. We live for seeing the photos you tag us in that show off our product! Customer photos make it all worth it, so we thought we’d share some that make us even more excited for Spring.

Should we start with this gorgeous shot of our storefront? It’s pretty photogenic, and truthfully feels like sunshine year-round.

Blooms and cutting boards make a fresh duo that almost makes us want to cook!

Design by  Morg Peterson

Design by Morg Peterson

Sketched greenery feels almost as good as the real thing. Good thing there’s some of that too!



This living room is so inviting, it almost makes us want to stay in during a sunny afternoon!

A spot for cracking open one of our catalogues, or maybe taking a nap.

Design by  Abby Guild

Design by Abby Guild

A perfectly made bed to ensure you have a beautiful day!

This beautiful spread was a huge hit on instagram and we totally get why. Not only is our mouth watering, but our eyes are visually inspired as well!

Design by  Molly Pollet

Design by Molly Pollet

Sunshine + productivity. Doing dishes doesn’t have to be such a chore!

Design by  Lemon Grove Lane

Design by Lemon Grove Lane

Date Posted
26 March 2019