The Sunday 7: NYC, Late Nights, and Greenhouse Photoshoots

We were in NY earlier this week and have been spending the last few days catching up. I’m sharing the winners after testing everything at Glossier and a roundup of my picks from the Anthro sale!

24 March 2019 -

1. It feels like a lifetime ago that we were in NYC, but it was just earlier this week! No rest for the dreamers, my friends. New York holds a special place in my heart. I always find so much inspiration from the fashion, merchandising, and hustle and bustle. We ate, we shopped, we worked. Lots of questions about where we like to eat and shop in NY…we’ll be working on a roundup!

Studio McGee in NYC

2. I went to the Glossier flagship and it was crazy! Such a fun experience. I tried out several things, but at the end of the day here are my two favorites:

3. Everything at Anthro is 20% off right now! If you buy one thing it should be this dress. There’s a lot of other great stuff too! I bought these shoes awhile ago and have worn them to death. The jeans I’m wearing in the NY picture above are on sale too!

4. If you’ve been following along for awhile, you know I have a few health issues and feel best when following a grain/sugar-free diet. Sometimes I miss bread, y’all. I made this grain/sugar/dairy free bread this weekend and surprisingly it was a success! Or maybe I’ve just been deprived for too long?

Studio McGee

5. Listening to this album on repeat right now. Lush and a bit trippy, it’s the perfect late night backdrop to keep me a in a creative zone (hence the need for the under eye concealer linked above).

6. Getting my beauty rest tonight because we have a big week ahead! We’ll be shooting our summer catalogue, so be sure to watch our IG stories for lots of behind the scenes! Here I am trying to get a good shot of the beautiful mess our styling team made in this cute greenhouse! (My outfit is sold out, so I’ve linked a similar dress and tops here and here.

Studio McGee

7. And now I’m scheming a greenhouse in our backyard. Have a great week!!! Xo-S

Date Posted
24 March 2019