If You Have Any Of These 5 Things, You Need To Upgrade

Inspiration for upgrades you might not realize you need!

21 March 2019 -

If you’re feeling like your home needs an update, but you’re not sure what it is, this guide might be for you! Some trends are dated, but we have solutions. Remember, the most important part of designing your home is choosing pieces that you love.


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Let’s be honest, TV’s can be pretty ugly but they’re great to have in a family room or bedroom if you’re into movies and tv shows. When the TV is off, we like to make it as discreet as possible. We do this by making sure everything around it is designed really well. One of our least favorite pieces of furniture ever made are media consoles that wrap around TVs. It just doesn’t look great! A great alternative is a pretty console and Marie Kondo-ing your DVDs for Netflix/streaming!

If you have the budget for a custom built in, then do it! They are our preferred method because they feel intentionally incorporated with shelves (open or closed) for styling and storage. Here are some of our favorite tips for designing around a TV.






A few Media consoles…

The Boob Light

When you read “boob light”, you know exactly what we mean. They’re the round flush mounts that haunt us, and for some reason, what almost all builders throw into a home. They are too ubiquitous for us to ever escape!

Not every space is fit for a grand light fixture like a chandelier, and flush mounts are sometimes exactly what you need. Good thing there are some beautiful options out there for updating your boob light!


Boob light upgrades:





Cherry Cabinetry

I think we’re still a little upset every single tract home development decided to do cherry cabinets—and when we are talking cherry cabinets, we are referring to the faux looking stain color.  We love a good natural stain, but this style feels dark and dated. A few months ago, we posted the natural wood trend that has been catching our eye.

Design by  Joanna Gaines

Design by Joanna Gaines


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Over-the-toilet bathroom storage

We know how necessary storage is in the bathroom, but “making life beautiful” is also important! Nothing says, “I have too much stuff” than a toilet wrap thingy. It looks temporary and even semi dangerous! Instead, opt for shelving or a simple train rack.  

Train Racks We like:




Mini Blinds

No, don’t go out and throw away all your mini blinds, but probably the most overlooked part of any budget is always window treatments. Old school mini blinds are difficult to use, the cords are dangerous for small children, and they are just SO MUCH FUN TO DUST (no, not really). Here’s our guide to choosing window treatments.



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21 March 2019