The Sunday 7: Hawaii, Sale Picks, and the Great Stone Debate

Our trip to Hawaii, my top sale picks, and the great stone debate.

25 February 2019 -

1. We’re back from a week in Maui and I can honestly say that it lived up to the hype. We have been to Kauai and Oahu several times and it’s fun to see how each island has its own vibe. My takeaways: The beaches in Hawaii are all beautiful, but my favorite beach of all time is still Lanikai in Oahu. However, in my opinion, Maui’s food and overall atmosphere has them all beat! Also, we went on our first whale/dolphin watching excursion and it was one of the highlights of our trip.

We stayed at the  Andaz  for a few nights and I loved the design!

We stayed at the Andaz for a few nights and I loved the design!

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

2. Where to eat (make a reservation for the last two):

3. I read this WSJ article recently about why you should never stop decorating and it really spoke to the heart of why I love to do what I do.

I love that she talks about how redecorating keeps you in the mindset of seeing possibilities — even if it’s just rearranging the furniture. I hope I always have a desire to the see the possibilities regardless of age or circumstance.

4. And I guess while we’re on the topic of redecorating, don’t forget that today is the last day of our Buy More, Save More sale! Here are my favorite pieces, big and small, that have the power to transform a whole room:

  • Our best-selling rug – the pattern and color palette will elevate everything that sits on top of it

  • This pendant is modern, but soft enough to make a room still feel warm. We’ve used it in kitchens, laundry rooms, offices, entryways, and I will be putting 3 in a row down our future upstairs hallway.

  • The cutest potted olive tree in all the land. I’m extremely particular about faux things and this passed the test. Use it on your kitchen island or by the sink, on your bathroom vanity, or a console table.

  • Every room deserves a dash of something that looks like you snagged it at the flea market. This artwork exclusive to SM works in a collection or leaned on a shelf.

  • You know I love wicker everything. I’d put these demijohns in a farmhouse style home for neutral texture or a more contemporary one that needed a little extra character.

5. Sunday best. I love that this shirtdress will seamlessly transition from winter coats to sandals. PS. These sunglasses are a great dupe for my favorite Karen Walkers, but for a fraction of the cost!

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

6. Y’all, I’ve entered the crazy lady phase of building our home. Well, if I’m being honest I’ve probably been there since the beginning, but lately I’ve really ratcheted the crazy to new heights. They put up the stone sample on our home and we had a meeting about it on Friday where I said, “This looks great!” And then I woke up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night knowing that it wasn’t what I wanted. When I told our builder I’d like try a few new samples, his response was, “I knew that was too easy.” HA.

So here’s what’s going on…I really want the exterior of our home to feel classic. It has all the ingredients I have loved even before I started designing — painted brick, black door, copper gutters, cedar shingles. I think the stone type and color are right but we need to mix in some new shapes, darken the grout slightly and make it look less perfect.

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

This was before the grout dried and I think that is actually closer to the color I’m after…

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

I’ll keep you posted 😉

7. Whew! I had a lot to say this week. Hope you have a good one! Xo-S

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25 February 2019