Two-Day Transformation: Coastal Traditional Office

See the webisode + photo tour of our latest Two-Day Transformation!

20 February 2019 -

We love two-day transformations because they’re the only projects we do that are a complete surprise!

Our client Rachel had just redone the most beautiful home, but her husbands office felt empty and forgotten. Their style leans traditional and streamlined, but they appreciate coastal elements.

It’s the first room you see when you enter the home, so our client was excited to have something that would match with the rest of the house, and feel personal to her husband.

We needed to replace the lighting, but didn’t have enough space for a chandelier. So we replaced the old “boob light” with the flush mount. (The Siena Flush Mount is similar) Statement art was crucial, we wanted a welcoming focal point. So we chose pieces large enough to take up the whole wall!! Our client’s husband loves green, so Land & Sea 1 and 2 did the trick.

This desk was a great place to start because it has a streamlined build, with plenty of clean lines, but it’s got these beautiful rattan details that are textured and coastal. Rachel’s husband mostly works on a laptop so we didn’t have to worry about hiding cords.

Our clients got rid of the bulky printer, so we were free to use an open console! This one is great because it has a beautiful antique brass top and dark wooden legs. Hanging the diplomas was a sweet, personal touch.

Date Posted
20 February 2019