Combinations for Your Dining Room

A few of our fool-proof chair and table combos

22 November 2021 -

Finding the right dining chair and table combination can be harder than it looks…

but once you get it right, it can completely change your space. There are so many elements to finding the right pieces that work together but still feel dynamic and interesting. We’re all about mixing materials, shapes, and tones to create a balanced look.

There are so many ways to pair dining tables and chairs, and in this post, we’re going to break down a few of our favorite combinations from our recent projects and why they work.

Reeves Chair + Emory Extension Dining Table

In our Moody Bright Netflix Remodel from Dream Home Makeover, we knew our clients would use their dining space for more than just eating dinner. This is a multi-purpose room for their family — homework, dining, arts and crafts are all done at this table, so it needed to be durable, versatile, and of course, beautiful. We went with a light-oak extension dining table and timeless spindle-back black chairs that balance the dark wood tone of the floors perfectly. We consider black a neutral wood tone, so it’s always a simple go-to when it comes to mixing and matching materials!

Elton Dining Chair + Adrian Dining Table

In this dining space we styled for McGee & Co.’s 2021 Winter Catalouge, we chose a more formal setting with a beautiful round wood table and upholstered curved-back dining chairs. Upholstered chairs are a great way to soften any space and bring in an element of ease and comfort, especially when you have a cool wood tone on the table.

Eloise Woven Chair + Giselle Oval Dining Table + Laurie Chair

You really can’t go wrong with a monochromatic wood table-chair combo and an upholstered accent, and we love the way this look turned out in The McGee Home Dining Room.

Although we matched the wood tones on the table and dining chairs, the textural accents of the table and the addition of the upholstered end chairs keeps things interesting and give you the best of both worlds!

Madison Chair + Emory Extension Dining Table

In our Pine Brook HomeThe Madison Chair paired with The Emory Extension Table brings a timeless look to the room while still adding interest through the contrast of the rounded chair silhouette and angular table design.

Reeves Chair + Preston Oval Dining Table

A round wood table and black spindle-back chairs center the dining nook in our Mountainside Retreat and allow the design and architecture to do the talking. Round tables are great for spaces that lend more entertaining as they can be used for anything from game night to Sunday brunch. 

Masa Dining Table + Laurie Chair

In The McGee & Co. 2021 Winter Catalogue, we paired a round white wood dining table with creamy white upholstered chairs that feel similar in tone but still different enough to bring dimension. This light on light look is perfect for small open-concept areas where you want to create the illusion of more space. 


Hansen Dining Table + Danson Chair 

This wood and leather combination is a great way to warm up any room. Although the materials are different, the deep wood hue on the table complements the leather perfectly, allowing the details of each piece to shine.

Eldridge Dining Table + Reeves Chairs 

When it comes to mixing wood tones, we typically like to keep the contrast bold, and this look is a perfect example of why it works! We love the deep dark wood tone of the Eldrige Table paired with white wood Reeves Chairs. 

Jaime Chair + Preston Table 

In the Lazano Family project for Dream Home Makeover, we made one of their wishes of having a breakfast nook come to life by incorporating a round table next to a window seat. Pairing these textural wood chairs brought the perfect amount of added dimension, completing the look seamlessly!

Giselle Oval Dining Table + Crawford Chair

We love pairing upholstered chairs with a wooden table, and in this look, we incorporated contrasting tones of light and dark oak while keeping it soft with a light striped, tied upholstery.

What’s your favorite combination? Let us know in the comments!

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22 November 2021