The Sunday 7: Welcome to DTLA

Hello from LA!

11 February 2019 -

1. I am writing this from our hotel room in DTLA. We have a big meeting here on Monday and decided to make the most of our trip by packing in a bunch of other work-related things (oh, and also shopping/eating all the good things).

  • We ate at Tar and Roses in Santa Monica for the first time tonight and it was a great little foodie spot that was refreshingly unpretentious

2. Late Friday night, we set up a lot of our new arrivals in the McGee & Co. shop down in Costa Mesa! We’ll be sharing more professional photos soon, but until then…here are few of my favorite things we styled in the new set display:

3. We were lucky that this weekend landed on Rose Bowl Flea Market Sunday (it is held on the 2nd Sunday of every month). We love to hunt for gems and had a really fun time! I found quite a few woven pieces, antique textiles, and pots that I’m really excited about. Some will go in our own home and others will be saved for client projects! This was us during the 10 minutes the sun came out…we were rained on most of the time, but that didn’t slow us down!

Studio McGee at the Rose Bowl Flea Market

Studio McGee at the Rose Bowl Flea Market

4. If you want a hand creme that smells so good you don’t even need perfume, get THIS right now. It’s definitely not drugstore pricing, but you won’t regret it. My favorite scents are below:

5. Scared of lip injections? Me too. This “maximizing” lip gloss is a favorite for a few reasons: it doesn’t burn, it’s not sticky, and has a nice glossy but not too glossy look. The Rosewood/Glow is the color I use.


Design By:  Liz Woods  Photo:  Jean Allsopp

Design By: Liz Woods Photo: Jean Allsopp

7. You all are the best. Thanks for following along. Xo-S

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11 February 2019