The Sunday 7: A Few Favorites

Late night decorating, Anthro sale picks, and my new favorite makeup trick.

09 December 2019 -

1. Slowly but surely I’ve been getting my Christmas decorating done throughout the house.

I’m an introverted night owl that thrives on the quiet of our home late in the evening. This is the case for more than just the holidays, but all design work as well. This pic also gives you an up-close peek of our stair railing! I had a vision of how it would come together and it was a true labor of love to get the details just right. It makes me sooo happy (and relieved) that it turned out.

2. This year it was fun to put a few little decorations in the girls’ rooms.

I’ll share more on Instagram later this week when their beds are made, ha. This chiffon ribbon is one of my best finds! It has beautiful frayed edges and a relaxed form that makes every gift look so pretty. I tied it on Wren’s tree here.

3. 30% off tops and sweaters right now.

Yes, please!

4. Favorite saved image of the week:

Design by: Brian Paquette with JAS Design Build | Photo: Haris Kenjar

5. I am not a girl that watches makeup tutorials, so if this is old news to you keep scrolling!

I’m in front of a camera a lot and false eyelashes have become my friend. Also great for all the holiday parties coming up! There are the styles I wear religiously (1 and 2). I learned the craziest makeup trick recently. APPLY THEM UNDER YOUR LASHES. I was terrified by the idea until I tried it and realized it was 10x easier, they stay on better and look like your natural lashes bc you can’t see the band at all.

6. Coziest Black Friday purchase arrived earlier this week and I haven’t taken it off since:

7. Only 2 more Sundays until Christmas!

Eeek! Don’t forget to use code MAKEITMERRY for Free Shipping at McGee & Co. until 12/09.

xo – Shea McGee

Date Posted
09 December 2019