The Sunday 7: Looking forward to the next 2 weeks

Home for the Holidays!

22 December 2019 -

1. I look forward to the next 2 weeks all year long.

I stay far away from the office and hang out at home. I look forward to playing with the girls, cooking together, organizing, and going through our days without feeling rushed. Last night we went to this thing called Luminaria and it’s this crazy interactive Light Show that you walk through with firepits and s’mores along the way. We had a great time until we started to freeze and everyone started melting down, ha.

2. All about that neon beanie right now…and it’s 45% off!!!

Even wore it in our latest webisode.

3. Turns out I’ve been cutting cauliflower wrong my entire life.

And just in case you have also been cutting the core out first, watch this video.

4. I’ve loved following the Grit and Polish through their kitchen renovation, so when they did the big reveal and I saw a few McGee & Co. pieces I about died!

I love a good white country kitchen.

5. I shared my holiday makeup look earlier this week!

I might cut back on the rose-y shadow and do deep red lips for NYE. This my all-time favorite red lipstick (not sure who I’m kidding…I’ll probably be celebrating with diet coke in our living room at 9 p.m.)

6. I may have outgrown 80% of Urban Outfitters’ clothing selection, but I still find their hair accessories to be the cutest for the price!

I have a thing for headbands/clips/hair ties:

7. Cheers to a beautiful week!


Date Posted
22 December 2019