The Sunday 7: Cotswolds and November’s Attitude

Our Trip to The Cotswolds and November's Attitude of Gratitude.

03 November 2019 -

1. We just returned from our anniversary trip to The Cotswolds and there hasn’t been a moment of downtime since we got back.

The English countryside was every bit as peaceful and charming as I had imagined — exactly what we needed. It may be surprising to hear this, but Syd and I rarely see each other at work. We run into separate meetings and then come home and dive into parenting mode. We have discovered how important these trips are for us to just find time to have a conversation without interruptions. We forgo traditional anniversary gifts and opt to travel instead! I left recharged and inspired. We’ll be doing a more comprehensive post, but for now, enjoy the beauty!

2. I got lots of questions about my coat and boots.

I would definitely size down 1-2 sizes in the coat. Boots run true to size.

3. Halloween!

4. Had to tell myself recently to slow down on the pom-pom sweaters.

They’re everywhere right now and I’m here for it.

5. Christmas has landed at McGee and Co.!

I have been looking forward to decorating since the minute we moved into our new home.

6. Speaking of Christmas, I’m very into these leopard slippers.

I just bought them as an early gift to myself. 😉

7. Throughout the month of November, our family is focusing on an attitude of gratitude.

Each of us (even our 3-year-old!) is sharing one thing we’re grateful before we say bedtime prayers. Only 3 days in and it has quickly become the highlight of my day.

Date Posted
03 November 2019