The Sunday 7

Sick as a dog, but happy as a clam to head to an install with the fam in LA this week!

18 November 2019 -

1. I’ve been sick as a dog for weeks!

My chronic sinus infections had subsided significantly after my surgery last year, but this one is back with a vengeance. Hoping this week I will finally kick this thing.

2. Let’s talk about happy stuff like shopping instead, shall we?

My fingers make lots of appearances in our Instagram stories and I always get asked about my signet ring. I wear mine so much that the 14 carat was worth the cost, but the same shop sells this one for significantly less!

3. I’m sure you’ve heard us shouting from the rooftops about our holiday catalogue, but I’m not going to quit talking about it anytime soon.

You can read the digital version with videos and shoppable links here! I’ve gotten lots of questions about the outfits and this feels like the perfect place to answer them

4. You’ll see in our catalogue that we have lots of new pieces at McGee & Co. (some sneak peeks coming in 2020) and a few of that have launched already.

Every year, my role morphs as our team matures and we take on new endeavors. This past year I have been heavily focused on product design and development more intensely than ever before. I have learned so much and it has become a new creative love for me. We have been working on many of the pieces for over a year now and I was beyond thrilled to see our friend Julia of Chris Loves Julia name Ellington, one of our newest rug designs, THE NEW IT RUG.

I’m pretty obsessed with the Wilshire too that we just styled in my kitchen:

5. Could literally buy these boots in every color.

I wear them with jeans, skirts, and dresses.

6. I love to find inspiration everywhere.

And where fashion and interiors meet is especially exciting to me. The new Doen store designed by Nickey Kehoe is gorgeous with just the right amount of whimsy.

Photos by Nicki Sebastian

7. We’re headed to California this week for an install and bringing the whole fam!

I promise to show a few sneak peeks.


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18 November 2019