The Sunday 7: Our happiest Sunday of all

#themcgeehome is a real home now!

06 October 2019 -

1. I have walked the halls of our dream home in my mind for years.

This week, we moved into it!

2. I find myself just standing and staring at every vignette.

3. Between the happy tears has been complete and utter chaos.

We had to move out of our rental last weekend (there was no wiggle room), so we moved our family into the new house before it’s fully finished. We’re all sleeping in the studio right now while crews still work on the house. Our filming schedule for the show is tight, so Killowen Construction worked like crazy to finish the main spaces in our home to do that part of the reveal…while we still have plywood floors in the upstairs bedrooms (haha). Oh, and we shoot our catalogue here this week, so we’ll be decorating for Christmas in the middle of it all! I’m sure it will make for a good story one day 😉

4. I’m just so happy to be here.

Lot’s of sneak peeks of new pieces launching at McGee & Co. soon (I’ve linked what I can below)!

5. As the fall weather rolls in, I’ve been breaking out the sweaters.

I’m obsessed with this new purchase. So soft and such a great price point.

6. Y’all know I love a layered necklace look (you can see the ones I wear daily here).

I’ve also been loving chain links lately.

7. We brought like 50 pillows to try in our living room and here is where we landed (plus a few one of-a-kind vintage).

I’m obsessed with our newest collection at McGee & Co. right now!

Have a great week! Thank you so much for all of your love and kind messages we’ve been receiving about our new home.


Date Posted
06 October 2019