Friday Inspiration: Shelf Love

Weekly recap, inspiration, and shelf love.

04 October 2019 -

This week has been a bit chaotic as we install the McGee home furniture, launch our holiday collection, and prepare for a podcast going live on Monday! We’ve been looking forward to the McGee move in for months, and it’s hard to believe boxes are finally being unpacked! Although we can’t release the full home reveal just yet, it’s been fun to share some inside looks into the process behind the exterior and kitchen. We’ll be posting more updates and behind the scenes photos soon, so stay tuned!

In light of our new holiday collection complete with more decor than ever before, we’ve been dreaming about and gathering inspiration for beautifully styled shelves for both the holidays and every day. If you’ve been keeping up with us for a while now, you know that shelves are one of our favorite ways to showcase personal style. However, the process doesn’t always look like the “after,” photos on the internet. There’s a lot that goes into design work before perfectly curated shelves are photographed. Soon, after months of hard work, we’ll get to see them come to life in the McGee home, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Our favorite thing about shelf styling is that it can be done simply in any home, big or small, new or old. Wherever you are in your home process, we hope you find inspiration in these photos to practice some shelf love this weekend.

For tips on styling shelves of all shapes and sizes, check out our recent how-to post and webisode! 

Design by  Tina Rich Design.

Design by Tina Rich Design.

Design by  Dan Bailey.

Design by Dan Bailey.

Design by  Lauren Nelson.

Design by Lauren Nelson.

Design by  Coco Kelly.

Design by Coco Kelly.

Design by  Kvanam.

Design by Kvanam.

Date Posted
04 October 2019