McGee Home: Entry & Great Room Process

A sneak peek into the design of our entry and great room!

09 October 2019 -

Out of every area of our home, the entry and great room may be the one I’ve dreamt about the most.

From the first turn of our brass Rejuvenation door knob to watching the McGee & Co. furniture arrive like kids on Christmas morning, every step of designing our great room has been surreal in the best way!

Although we can’t release the full reveal just yet, I wanted to give you an inside look into what I’ve been compiling on secret Pinterest boards and imagining for what feels like forever. So far, we’ve broken down inspiration for our exterior and kitchen, and I can’t wait to show you more!

Keep scrolling for a sneak peek into the inspiration behind our entryway and great room!

McGee Home Entryway Inspiration

Design by Studio McGee

Design by Bernard De Clerck

I love the way open and airy spaces offer a warm welcome to guests while setting the tone for the rest of the home. I’ve always had a thing for an arch that brings structure, interest, and shape for a seamless transition from one room to the next. Using the same brick on our exterior in the entry created a cohesive flow that feels both natural and unconventional. Painted white, the texture and character of the bricks were accentuated further, making a transitional statement as soon as the door is opened. Metrie Moulding helped make all of our wall treatment dreams come true throughout our home, and I love the way the arch introduces the overall feel for the rest of the walls. For more on our wall treatments, watch for a full webisode coming soon!

McGee Home Entryway Progress

McGee Home Great Room Inspiration

Design source unknown

Design source unknown 

When designing our great room, I was set on a few things from the beginning. Our limestone fireplace, wooden ceiling trestles, and of course, perfectly matched hardwood floors have been floating around my mind for years. When deciding on hardwood, we went through a few samples before we decided on one that was exactly the right width, texture, and shade. I was nervous about our trestles looking cohesive because they are made from a different wood species than the floor. In the end, Killowen Construction did such a good job matching them, and they ended up looking great!

McGee Home Great Room Progress

We had our fireplace custom-designed and sent from Texas. I loved it from the day it arrived.

We used all kinds of hardware from Rejuvenation and couldn’t be happier with the look and quality of it!

If you saw my Sunday 7 last week, you already know I couldn’t help but post a quick iPhone shot of our completed living room. Furniture is my favorite part of design, so seeing it all in place has me pinching myself every day. I still can’t believe we finally get to wake up in our dream home, and we feel beyond grateful for everyone involved that made it happen!

Stay posted for more McGee home updates and the full final reveal, coming soon! Thanks for following along! Your love and support mean more to us than you know!

xo – Shea McGee

Date Posted
09 October 2019