Interior Inspiration: Moody Marble

Weekly inspiration with a side of October-ish obscurity, please.

18 October 2019 -

This week, after shooting the Christmas catalog at the McGee home, the porch was finally decked out in full Halloween fashion. We covered our favorite 2019 Holiday entertaining trends and tips, recapped our event with Haven, and shared the inspiration and process behind the McGee mudroom! As per usual, it’s been a busy week, but we still found the time to find a dose of inspiration.

Although we will always be devoted to light and bright design, there’s something about October that gives us an affinity for a slightly more obscure, moody aesthetic. This week, we’re finding inspiration in textured, bold marble that resembles something of an overcast sky hovering above longer nights and chilling mornings. It’s the perfect balance between raw and refined. It looks something like this:

Design by  Amy Meier.

Design by Amy Meier.

Or this:

Or, in a more subtle but equally as swoon-worthy way, like this:

Design by  Kitchen & Beyond.

Design by Kitchen & Beyond.

Date Posted
18 October 2019