How to Style for Holiday Entertaining

Our recipe for the perfect Holiday tablescape!

15 October 2019 -

The beginning of the Holiday season never fails to give us an extra dose of the desire to entertain. Although it may be too early to start prepping the turkey, we’ve been collecting inspiration and watching trends for this year’s Holiday events for months. While we love decking the halls for our festive affairs, lately, we’re leaning towards decor that feels collected, curated, and simple enough to reuse throughout the year. This season, we’re finding inspiration for our Holiday tablescapes in a juxtaposition of neutral staples and memorable details.

Top Trends for 2019 Holiday Entertaining:

There’s nothing better than creating, gathering, and making memories with friends and loved ones while swapping family recipes. However, Holiday entertaining is about more than perfecting the pumpkin pie. In the spirit of sharing favorites, we’ve created our own recipe for the perfect Holiday entertaining tablescape. Bookmark this page for the secret ingredients your guests will be asking you for next year.


Step 1: Drape Timeless Table Linens

Table linens are to your tablescape as the turkey is to your Holiday meal. They provide the base and add depth to the final presentation. This year’s table linen trends point to natural, simple tones and patterns that create a subtle background of serenity. We love these table runners because they’ll be put to use all year long. Plus, they provide a clean canvas to allow the added details to do the talking.



Our setup included the beautiful Emerson Chairs and an exclusive dining table that will be coming to the shop soon!

Step 2: Add Organic elements

Bringing the outdoors in always creates a feeling of effortless beauty. This year, we’re opting for arrangements that feel foraged, free-formed, and bring in elements of height and shape to the scene. Placed in an eclectic planter and used as a centerpiece, they unexpectedly add color and vibrancy. For even more textural elements, hang a fresh wreath or place a small Christmas tree nearby.


You can read the tips on floral arrangement we got from our florist, Ashley of Tinge Floral in this blog post! Ashley used our Scalloped Metal Bowl for this arrangement.


Step 3: Layer in Texture

When it comes to the details, focus on quality rather than quantity. We love using elevated touches such as bronze napkin rings, staggered pillar candles and festively colored napkins to contrast simplistic and natural settings. Our number one rule for this step? Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with different tonal and textural elements! When it feels complete, take a step back and evaluate the overall look of your creation and add or subtract from there.



Step 4. Serve in Style

There’s something about beautiful dishes that make meals automatically taste that much better. Dress up your table instantly by upgrading your plates, pitchers, and trays in interesting hues. Holiday entertaining is the perfect excuse to invest in quality serveware that you can use time and time again. We are firm believers that even the most regular of meals deserve an elevated canvas.




We can’t wait to see how you style your Holiday table this year! Remember to tag Studio McGee on Instagram for a chance to be featured!

Date Posted
15 October 2019