The Sunday 7

Went to Atlanta this week and am feeling inspired by the new trends!

13 January 2019 -

  1. This week’s big focus was going to Atlanta Market to shop for fresh items to put in the shop, use in projects, and identify upcoming trends! Definitely one of the best parts of my job.

    Loved this setup and am feeling relieved that one of my favorite color palettes doesn’t seem to be going anywhere:

Studio McGee Shops Atlanta Market

We also saw so much warmth which I was really digging. And surprisingly (since I’m typically not drawn to reds), I’m really drawn to the shade of pomegranates right now.

Studio McGee Shops Atlanta Market

2. Let’s talk overpriced, but maybe totally worth it sneakers for a second. Golden Goose. Do you own them? I waited for awhile before taking the plunge because you’re paying a premium for tennis shoes that are intentionally scuffed, ha. But let me tell you something…I wear them more than any other shoes! I must not be alone in this because styles sell out fast. They’re so comfortable I didn’t even skip a beat after wearing them at market for long days of standing and walking. Also, how ‘bout those floors?!!

Studio McGee Goes to Atlanta Market

3. One of my favorite looks is to pair nice tennis shoes with boyfriend blazers. It looks fashion forward but also fits seamlessly into work/life with kids.

4. Fancy, over-the-top homes don’t typically speak to me, but I am really drawn to elements of glamour in a pared down way. I hope to be able to strike that balance in our home. I know Athena’s kitchen has been shared a bajillion times, but it perfectly depicts what I’m talking about:

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

5. I wear this perfume pretty religiously and I always get stopped about it. Something about it hangs in the air in just the right way.

6. Favorite screenshot of the week…this layered gallery wall from CBM Design Group designed by Martin & Brockett:

Layered Gallery Wall

7. Don’t forget that is 20% off all things organization at McGee & Co. right now! Use code: FRESHSTART at checkout. Xo-S

Date Posted
13 January 2019