Meet our Five Newest Friends!

We’ve got a new crew of designers pillows, each with their own personal style!

03 January 2019 -

New Designer Pillows!



Just like friends, you really can’t have enough pillows!! The more the merrier, and in the best of gangs different personalities complement the best parts in each other. That’s why we love our latest collection of Designer Pillows! From your playfully eclectic friend to your bestie that manages to be both down to earth and fancy, we’ve got quite the crew!

This is Rue: That laid back, but incredibly Chic person you know

Profile: Morning Yoga? Only if it’s after Rue’s morning surf session! Energetic and gregarious, Rue is all about balancing playfulness and relaxation. Plus, Rue knows all the good spots including where to get the best Acai bowls.

Inspiration Photos: Hello Lovely, Home by Sawyer Berson

This is Rosie: Your effortlessly elegant best friend

Wandering through old romantic architecture, Rosie never takes the same path twice as she travels to her favorite escape — the flower market! Often, she’ll grab more stems than her arms can even carry as she heads home to fill every vase in her home.

Inspiration Photos: Carla Coulson

This is Nigel: Understated, but bold

Nigel isn’t a minimalist — just a big fan of texture! From a winding river to a countryside vineyard, Nigel’s airy home is a collection of special moments designed with color palettes drawn from inspirational surroundings

Inspiration Photos: Sarakiniko, Milos, Greece, Olivia Williams Interior Design

This is Flora: All the whimsy of an english garden

Starting the day a little ahead of the sun, Flora loves to appreciate the morning light and dedicates much of her free time tending to her greenhouse. In it, you’ll find a pair of well-used garden shears and a gold watering can proudly on display.

Inspiration Photos: Jersey Ice Cream Co.

This is Hans: tennis champ. Golf champ. pickle ball champ.

From rigorous mornings playing tennis at the club to quiet afternoons painting plein air landscapes, Hans finds elegance in simplicity and comfort in solitude.

Inspiration photos: Painting Photo (unknown), The Capri Hotel in Southampton, The Everygirl

Date Posted
03 January 2019