How Organization Makes a Dreamy Bed & Bath with NEAT Method

Tips for creating an organized getaway in your home with NEAT Method!

14 January 2019 -

We’re wrapping up our sale with an interview with NEAT Method! We worked with them on the Real Simple Home and we were very excited to talk to them about organization in the bedroom and bathroom.

Why are you so passionate about being neat?

We at NEAT truly believe that being organized is the springboard for positive change. Having an organized kitchen makes it easier to cook homemade meals and saves you money because you’re no longer buying duplicates. Having an orderly workout drawer encourages you to work out (instead of blaming it on  not knowing where your sports bras are). And having an organized home entrance makes it easier to get out the door in the morning with everything you need.

Photography by Christopher Testani

Photography by Christopher Testani

There always seem to be a few places in the bedroom and bathroom that clutter quickly (nightstand, bathroom counter) what are tips to keep those spaces neat?

Create a “home” for everything. Things tend to pile up if you don’t have a dedicated spot for them that is properly organized.


How do you approach organizing small bedrooms and bathrooms?

Ruthlessly edit the space until it only contains the items you truly use and love. Create boundaries for products like skincare and travel in drawers and cabinets with labeled bins and baskets so they don’t mix together. Consider space saving items if necessary, like Turkish towels, and always make sure you can see everything you have!

What are your top tips on organizing a closet?


What do you do to prevent the pile of laundry that tends to pile up on “that one chair” in the corner? You know what we mean!

Get rid of the chair! Ha! Seriously though, it’s all about developing the habit and creating the best possible situation for success. For example, implement a really pretty hamper that can sit out near your chair. That way it’s just as easy to put laundry there as it is to leave it on the chair. Also, create routine. Pick your standard laundry day(s) that is consistent enough for you to tackle the piles that have accumulated.


What McGee & Co. products are on your wish list for organization?

It is no secret that McGee & Co has some of the most beautiful baskets around. Some of our favs are the Wood Handled Storage Basket and the New Port Striped Basket. We are also huge fans of a beautiful jar and the Ring Top Canisters do not disappoint. There are so many ways and spaces that each of these can be used!










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14 January 2019