Friday Inspiration: Spring Vibes

Inspired by the season that’s the farthest away!!

07 September 2018 -

The weekend is here, and so is the crisp hint of fall in the air. Spring couldn’t be farther away, but our Pinterest feed has us dreaming of it! We can’t help it. If you need to be caught up, yesterday was a big day in the studio and for McGee & Co.! We released a beautiful new collection of furniture, the Natural Collection. We’re so excited about it. We also worked on a project in Jackson Hole, and showed you guys the exterior, dining, and mudroom for the space. We hope everyone had a great four-day week! (Thank you, Labor Day!)


This exterior is a winner for obvious reasons. It’s charming, unique and bursting with light! It just looks like the perfect getaway. 

How can you not have butterflies when you see this back patio? The greenery is a complete game changer, and elevates the backyard to the next level. 

Talk about soothing art!!! 

Design by  ABD Design

Design by ABD Design

This space is beautiful for many reasons, but we’re digging the dark take on natural open shelving! The wood is rich and sophsticated. 

Design by  Liz Lipkin  via  Home Polish .

Design by Liz Lipkin via Home Polish.

If your bedroom has room for a corner lounge area, you’re lucky!!! This one is perfect. 

Design by  Jessica Helgerson

Design by Jessica Helgerson

All the neutral tones and textures are working together flawlessly. And the black wall-mounted sink just seals the deal!!! 

Design by  Lindye Galloway

Design by Lindye Galloway

Date Posted
07 September 2018