5 Master Bath Transformations We Can’t Get Over
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5 Master Bath Transformations We Can’t Get Over

Don’t you love a good before and after?

The Master Bath is the ultimate escape. If the layout is funky or your decor is overwhelming, everything feels off. We always take extra care of the master bath to ensure the space just feels right. From crazy wallpaper to cramped layouts, here are some before and afters that will blow your mind!

Master Bathroom Remodel

before: Calabasas Remodel



The master bathroom in our Calabasas Remodel was just outdated. Our clients wanted to remodel the home to feel fresh, inviting, and personal to them. This space didn’t need major reconstruction. With a fresh coat of white paint, light wood vanities and a new tub, this space feels just like a spa.


But unfortunately it’s not a spa. This space needs to be practical for everyday use, so the decor has to be functional. Baskets are essential storage, candles are pretty and refreshing, while canisters serve as more storage for the smaller things!


BEFORE: U-Street Project

Here’s that wallpaper we were talking about!! Not only was there an overwhelming amount of ivy wallpaper, but black mold. The U-Street Project is one of our favorite webisodes. The homeowners took on a lot of the grunt work, and the result is so beautiful.



Much better! We love the ladder in this space, because it’s visual interest that’s also highly functional for hanging towels.


The Venice rug brings so much warmth to the space, standing out against the clean details! It’s a beautiful blend of comfort and cleanliness.

BEFORE: Windsong Project

The master bath in our Windsong Project felt small.



Bringing the scale down on the tile might trick you into thinking the square footage has doubled. We reconstructed the vanity completely, and kept the decor clean and simple.


Before: Riverbottoms Remodel

Here’s another space that needed an upgrade. The bathtub and vanity in our Riverbottoms Remodel were crowded together, while the shower felt dark and cramped. There was awkward cabinetry and too many shades of beige.




Now the space has clear walkways! We were able to have two vanities, making it much more functional for this shared space. Of course we used a pretty basket, and trays to corral various canisters, soaps, etc. If you’re not convinced you need a tray in every space, let us tell you here.


We even have space for a potted tree! The side stool has similar functions to a ladder, giving a rustic touch and a space to set things down while you bathe.


Before: Lynwood Remodel

Originally, our Lynwood Master Bathroom was non-existent! Yes, you read that correctly, there were only two small bathrooms in the upstairs. With some major reconstruction, we were able to create a much larger space.



This remodel is barely recognizable! We love the Lynwood Project’s master bath so much we used it for the photoshoot when we launched our bath collection!

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Studio McGee
  1. Serious question for you…how often do you think folks should remodel their bathrooms? I ask because most of your before pics feature beige/taupe colored tile that was popular about 10 years ago and the after pics are all white and gray marble tile. I am currently planning a budget friendly remodel of my 1986 master bath – it has 4×4 white tile on the floor and in the shower, a built in Jacuzzi tub and brass faucets. Do I go with the marble look and hope the trend lasts or do I choose taupe travertine that may be back in style when we head off to the assisted living place in 15 years? I think stand alone tubs are pretty but speaking practically, I don’t know where I would put my stuff and also I want a low tub that won’t result in a broken hip when I get in/out. My gut is to just please myself and my budget and hope for the best when it comes time to sell but the first pic in your post gave me pause because that bathroom looks like what I want my "after" to be.

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