Friday Inspiration: Navy and Nickel

See why we’re diggin’ this dynamic duo!

17 August 2018 -

We’re going into the weekend dreaming of navy and nickel! From polished faucets to navy paneling, it’s clear to see why they’re a dynamic duo. We’re not going to talk about a dynamic duo you can’t replicate yourself, so if you’re looking for instruction on micing metals, we’ve got a guide here. If you’re ready to take on Navy, we have a guide to our favorite blue paints here

Our Artisan Collection launched this week, and it’s a long time coming! We have so many exciting collaborations coming in the future, its so important to create product that is not only exclusive to McGee & Co., but unique and special in every home.  


An ode to navy if we’ve ever seen one!

Photo by  Rowen & Wren

Photo by Rowen & Wren

Mixing metals is fun, but we’re diggin’ the polished nickel faucet and sconces. Get the look with our Hulton Sconce

Design by  Jean Liu Design

Design by Jean Liu Design

More silver sconces! We’re not sorry.

Design by  Barbara Chambers  

Design by Barbara Chambers 

The different shades of blue in this space count as navy today. We’re loving how this space feels simple, while it’s filled with so many different patterns and colors!



Date Posted
17 August 2018