OC Ranch Remodel: Part Two Webisode
08/22 Dining

OC Ranch Remodel: Part Two Webisode

Watch us transform the hearts of the home!

We took a week break, but we're back with our Orange County Ranch Remodel! We started off with part one, revealing the exterior, the entryway, the sitting room, and dining room. Now we're kicking off part two with the webisode. Watch as we transform the living room and the kitchen.

The kitchen and living room spaces are crucial, especially if you host and entertain as much as our client. They need to be warm, inviting, and comfortable for all who enjoy. Check out the webisode to see how we did! Make sure to shop the looks below if you're feeling inspired.

Get caught up with the rest of this project by touring the entry, sitting, and dining room in part one's photo tour and webisode, and the guest suite in part three's webisode and blog post. Oh, and don't miss the feature in Domino!!! 


The living room has a moody, coastal vibe that remains plenty inviting. With soft upholstery and intriguing artwork, it's begging to be enjoyed.

We kept with the coastal theme in the kitchen of course. We mixed inky blue and black, with polished nickel and a few brass elements. It's textured and visually interesting, but not overwhelming.

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Studio McGee
  1. If you don’t mind me asking, what was the floor in the main area of the home? It looked to be tile but I’m not sure. We are currently renovating the house and we really wanted to choose a durable floors that would withstand our 2 kids, and decided on a wood-looking tile. The floors in the picture are really beautiful; I would be surprised they’re not real hardwood! I would really appreciate if you could get back to me! 🙂 -Margie

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