We’re Loving: Stone in the Kitchen
08/06 Design Tips

We’re Loving: Stone in the Kitchen

See why we’re dying over this natural trend!

I said this before in my Sunday 7, but I’m loving the resurgence of stone in design.

For a while, stone had a bad rap because you’d see it overly used in really kitschy, cheesy ways. But the natural, organic material is a beautiful way to bring the outdoors in. To us, that is always an important part of the design process.

If you choose to use stone in a room, it helps the space feel natural, soothing, inviting, and anything but boring! We love the way natural stone brings pattern and texture to a space while keeping with a neutral, versatile palette. If your design style is on the simpler side, but you’re aiming for something full of texture and dimension this is the way to go.

We’re Loving: Stone in the Kitchen
Design by Oz Architects and photographed by Lisa Romerein
We’re Loving: Stone in the Kitchen
We’re Loving: Stone in the Kitchen
Design by Delphine Imbert
We’re Loving: Stone in the Kitchen
Design by Patrick Ahearn Architect and photographed by Anthony Crisafulli
We’re Loving: Stone in the Kitchen
Design by deVOL Kitchens

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Studio McGee
  1. What beautfiul photos. I’ve been looking for some design ideas to take my next kitchen to a new level, and you’ve got some wonderful ideas here. I love your YouTube channel and your wonderful, long videos so full of beautiful design. So clean and fresh and still warm, welcoming and cozy! — Karen Morison, Virginia.

    1. This is so sweet Karen!! We’d love to see pictures of your new kitchen so make sure to tag us on instagram!!!

  2. I love that you think outside the box over there at Studio McGee! The versatility of stone is phenomenal; it can bring old -world charm to a space, yet be sophisticated and contemporary, is a hard material that feels solid yet cozy.
    In the planning of our future house, I hope to creatively bring many of the outside materials inside, and stone is one of those materials that I hope to use in unexpected places, like my kitchen. Being all for practicality though, I can’t imagine using stone anywhere near where cooking will take place; I am WAY too messy for that to happen! Stone is porous, so it feels like a personal losing battle for cleanliness as a backsplash material. Maybe a wall behind storage cabinets would be more practical for me, but some people can certainly make it work for them and their lifestyles.
    Thanks for your post full of beautifully varied examples of stone in the kitchen; your designers are influencing people to really have fun with design. Love it!

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