The Sunday 7 – Happy 4th of July Weekend!

It’s too hot for shorts, 4th of July celebrations all weekend long, house love at first sight, etc.

09 July 2018 -

1. We’ve been 4th of July-ing, Birthday-ing, and summer-ing since Wednesday and I’m not complaining. We really kicked the weeklong celebrations off right by setting a bush ON FIRE with our fireworks on Wednesday night. Don’t worry, everything was fine…except the McGee & Co. rug that we used to stomp out the flames. Good thing we got this front door photo-op before it happened! I think Syd might be retiring from fireworks this year 😉

Studio+McGee (1).jpg

2. It’s too hot for pants and I’m only buying shades of pale blue right now. 

3. I’m always into tortoise sunglasses, but lately, it’s an obsession with tortoise jewelry. 

4. I find it fascinating that Paul Bates only showed this much of a recent project and I already know it’s going to be incredible.


5. Are you blonde, but not really a blonde? Me too, friend. This is my favorite purple shampoo and it sucks allllll the brassiness right out.

6. We added a boatload of NEW ARRIVALS to the shop last week! Here are just a few…

One of our best-selling dining chairs now comes in the prettiest natural wood color

This artwork has a really great vibe. Sure, it’s a beach, but it has a nice abstract quality to it and the color palette is perfect.

Someone, please let me use this green leather pendant in your kitchen immediately.

This bench belongs in your mudroom, entry, or at the foot of your bed.

Not to be dramatic or anything, but the leather weave on this bed makes me want to cry tears of joy. 

7. 2 important lines from my dad in this year’s birthday card: 

“Greatness is never born in our comfort zones.” 

“Go do a cartwheel in the backyard today, honey.” 

And with that, have a great week! Xo-S


Date Posted
09 July 2018