The Sunday 7 – Happy Father’s Day!

This weeks post is close to my heart! Xoxo, Shea

17 June 2018 -

1. Happy Father’s Day! I thought I’d share with you a little about the 2 men that have impacted my life the most:

My Dad is focused, competitive, and a hard worker. He also has a nice southern drawl, can recite all of the great poets, and loves a good pecan pie. He has traveled the world and possesses a unique worldview from the things he has seen and experienced. My dad reiterated to my brother and me time and time again that kindness was above all traits. 

Syd is F-U-N. I do not say that to take away from his intelligence, business sense, or uncanny ability to fix anything and everything; but he makes friends out of everyone he meets and I admire that quality most of all. He is the dad that slides down banisters, does cannonballs at the pool, and skateboards to the mailbox. Syd approaches life from a place of generosity. He also loves donuts and a good dad joke. I wake up next to him grateful every day and our girls have him wrapped around their little fingers. 

2. There was a small rhinestone gem stuck in Wren’s ear canal all last week. Yes, you read that correctly. Wren and Ivy just cannot seem to agree on how it got there! After a trip to the ER and a visit to an ENT, we were back to the hospital on Thursday to have it removed. The humor of the situation is not lost on me.


What a freaking week.

3. I went to the San Juan Islands for a much anticipated girls’ weekend with friends from college. We try to get together once a year and wear nothing but athleisure (look it up) the entire time and talk a lot about our favorite lotions and potions. I’m sure glad workout gear replaced velour jumpsuits as acceptable casual attire. 

Studio McGee

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

4. We did a photoshoot at The Fox Group’s house this week for an upcoming collection we’re launching! I wore this great linen wrap dress (that is under $100!).

Studio McGee's The Sunday 7

5. Speaking of good purchases recently, these wide leg jeans are the best (most flattering) around. Seriously. I’ve tried a lot of them. Sandals are from here. Similar top is from here.

Wide Leg jeans 1.jpg

6 I love the color of this exterior. I’ve been drawn to deep green/blues in interior spaces for quite some time, but love seeing it used in a different application.

7. We’re in California right now because we had an install and then a meet and greet at the McGee & Co. shop in Costa Mesa! We usually bring the whole family when these things fall at the end of the week, so we can enjoy a weekend at the beach. Here’s an iphone peek at the project we installed! 

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

Have a great week! Xo-S

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17 June 2018