Question & Answer with Shea
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Question & Answer with Shea

Sharing the most helpful videos ever!

Every Tuesday on the Studio McGee instagram story we do a Q&A video series! We've loved hearing your questions and seeing how many people tune in every week! We share them as a highlight on instagram, but wanted to share it on the blog for you all to bookmark! See Shea talk about everything from business and motherhood to kitchens and living rooms!

On Life + Business

We'll answer questions about paint, questions about breaking into the industry, and even the methods Shea uses when designing her own home!! We loved hearing Syd and Shea talk about how they run a business as a duo, and tips and tricks for working with your spouse too!

Hear MORE on business and life with these podcast interviews!


Motherhood was an important topic to discuss, and we get so many questions about balancing work and being a parent! Shea talked about "balance" and offered advice for those who want to work as parents, but don't crave an office environment. You can always hear her talk about personal life in her Sunday 7 blog series!

on living rooms

Living rooms are crucial to the comfort of your home. We took on some nitty-gritty questions like furniture spacing, how to decorate with TV's, kid-friendly fabrics, and how-to mix styles. We go more into depth with some of these blog posts! 


on kitchens

We're totally partial to kitchens!!! THey're the heart of the home, and just so fun to design. We're addressing certain trends, what's worth investing in, countertops, and mixing metals!! We've got more blog posts to help you out:

Shea's top picks for kitchen

on bathrooms

Creating a space that feels like an escape is so important. We love to create bright, relaxing, spa-like spaces for people to enjoy and we're telling you how to achieve just that. Shea explains her reasoning on hanging lights and mirrors, using tile, artwork selections, and answers cabinet questions! There might even be some pet peeves. This is particularly exciting for us, because we recently launched bath at McGee & Co.!!

Shea's bath must-haves

On bedrooms

The bedroom is another space that should feel like an escape! A good night's sleep is practically sponsored by a well-designed space, so we do everything we can to make every bedroom special. Here are some more tips on the subject:

bedroom essentials

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Studio McGee
  1. Shea, you look BEAUTIFUL in these videos! What are your latest makeup products? I’m a mom of 3 young ones and would love to have some of the dewy glow that you have!!

  2. These are seriously the BEST! I feel like I will go back and refer to these all the time:) I love how you guys are so open about your work and understand that some of us would die to have you come over and design but that it’s not necessarily in the budget…but we still can dream:)

    1. What a sweet compliment, thank you Kris!! We hope you’re able to use these to help, and we’re so grateful for your support 🙂

  3. The question you were asked about working together must be a bit hard to answer, but I wanted to share, that I grew up in a home/business, literally the business was ran out of my parents home.
    My Dad was working with the clients directly and my Mom was the voice on the other end of the phone for 30 years.
    Watching my parents and living in our family home, you are right, the business never seemed to shut off totally. It can’t! And in my experience, didn’t have too! They treated each other the same, at home and at work, with no on off button. They weren’t talking business 24-7 and they didn’t hug 24-7, they just loved each-other and lived the dream!
    It’s both your dream and both your investment, both your direction to work and serve, so by just ‘living through’ it all and making a decision to say ’This is Our Dream, Our Choice and Our direction for Our family’. It doesn’t look like the people who work 9-5 pm. But those other lifestyles, still require (for a great marriage) Kindness, Respect, Selflessness toward each-other, Honesty and Gentleness between each other every moment of the day, not just when you get home for dinner, it has to be genuinely lived out as a part of interacting with the most important person in your life (your beloved spouse).
    Their marriage vows to love, honor and cherish can’t turn off during the work day, they are forever. My parents still hugged in front of us and even employees, when the need arose! and they always valued their marriage above the business. They kept in mind that the business was to feed the family, prepare for the future of the family, but didn’t hold the power or value that their marriage did. Their marriage and loving, respectful affection for each other was more important than money or ‘things’.
    And having said all that, I grew up lacking nothing, and have since enjoyed 30 years of marriage with my husband.
    You two are a beautiful young couple and seem so genuine and down to earth, so take this for what it is, just a note from someone who might understand.
    May God richly bless you all in your marriage and your life together!
    Most Sincerely,

    1. What a sweet comment, Raven! Thank you for not only taking the time to watch and read our content, but taking the time to leave such a sweet comment. Sending love your way! Xoxo

  4. These videos are so wonderful and so helpful! I have watched them all on Instagram, but love that you have them all here for reference. Thank you for sharing!

    also, I love every single one of your tops- feel free to share where they are from 😉

  5. Let me start out by saying I love your work! So fresh, bright and beautiful! As a stay at home mama who is chasing her dream of starting a design business, I am so inspired by your story and all that you have accomplished. It’s amazing for me to think that you were once where I am now. Thank you for sharing your work and advice and congratulations on all your continued success! I look forward to continuing to follow along.

    1. Thank you for the sweetest compliment, Ivana!! Your love and support means the world, and the whole team at SM is rooting for you and your success!! Xoxo

  6. Bought a lamp and a vase from McGee & Co love them my question is need a living room rug, throw pillows and something on dining room table Helllllp not very good accessorizing!!! Can you give me some ideas? Couch is indigo blue, tables driftwood, silver accents& white. Also have 2 dogs !!

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