The Sunday 7 – Bye, June!

How is it already July already?! I’m talking summer, jumpsuits, surprise reveals, backyard dreams, and what I’m listening to right now. Xo-S

01 July 2018 -

1. I would be sad that June flew right by, but July is the best! We have been going and doing so much that I just want a classic 4th right here in our own backyard. We surprised the kids with this inflatable slide and it has ended up being the best gift to ourselves because it’s NON-STOP ENTERTAINMENT. Even our redhead has a (slight) tan right now because they spend so much time on that thing. Also, the two cutest girl’s swimsuits for 10 bucks here and here

Studio McGee

2. Speaking of the 4th of July, do you wear red, white, and blue? I just nabbed this shirt and am excited because I’ll be able to wear it all summer long without looking too theme-y. 

3. This week on Instagram we showed you some behind-the-scenes of our very first 2-Day Transformation Project. This was an idea I had that seemed a little far-fetched when it came to me (and very casually mentioned it to our marketing team), so I’m stoked to see our team make it a reality. We’ll be making over spaces as a complete surprise for people and sharing the process with you all! Here’s a little iphone peek.

Studio McGee


4. Everything in the room is from McGee & Co.! Plus, everything ships FREE right now!

5. I wore a jumpsuit for this webisode and it reminded me to share a few of my favorites! I wore it with this top. I’m a recent convert to the jumpsuit and have found them to be a slightly dressed up look that still feels comfortable. Win-win. 

6. My latest fixation for the home we’re building…a black fence against our white/stone house! I’m doing it, y’all. I can’t even get over how gorgeous this is:

7. I started listening to Second Life this week and am hooked. It’s My Domaine’s podcast hosted by Hillary Kerr and she interviews female entrepreneurs that have had hugely successful career changes. If you’re already a listener of my my all-time favorite podcast, I know you’ll enjoy this one too! 


Date Posted
01 July 2018